One of the big discussions over the last years, and a huge part of the last election cycle, was college tuition being insanely high. Kids getting out of high school almost can't afford to go to college at all, anymore. But the University of Michigan wants you, and will give you FREE tuition!

"Holy cow!" You shout, "Is this for reallys?"

Yep! Within certain limits, you could get four years of college at Michigan for FREE!

Four-and-a-half if you go into the college of engineering!

It's called the Go Blue Guarantee. And it's designed to help people get their first bachelor's degree, which is awesome!

The main factor determining if you can get free tuition at Michigan is that your family's income must be $65k a year or less, and qualify for in-state tuition. If your family falls into this group, you can get into the Go Blue Guarantee, which will give you tuition for classes, and pay the mandatory fees for four years, or eight semesters!

If you want to be an engineer, the Go Blue Guarantee will hook you up for four-and-a-half years!

"But what about other costs?" You then ask.

You're still eligible to get other financial aid to help with any other costs for college. Typically, students from families earning under $65k can receive up to almost $24k more in student aid.

"What if I'm already a student in Ann Arbor at Michigan?"

Good news, you can apply for the Go Blue Guarantee, too! You're classes would get paid for beginning in January!

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