Amy Muise, sex and romance "scientist" (how do I get THAT job?) at the University of Toronto Missisauga has conducted a study over 23 YEARS with her team, to determine how happy people are, and how they can be happy. Mostly with sex, sometimes with money. What did she discover?

If you have more sex, you're generally happier. SURPRISE!

But another thing se discovered, is that if you simply increase the amount of sex you have with your partner, your happiness will increase more than if you get a big raise! I know, you're pretty happy when there's more money coming in every month, but if you go from once-a-month sex, to once-a-week sex, you're WAY happier with life!

The study didn't get any data on single people and their sex happiness, only couples. Which is where it seems a lot of the "I'm not having enough sex" statements come from, I guess.

So, married folks and cohabitating peeps, LET THE BANGING BEGIN! Or, at least, increase. Come on, you should really be having sex at least once a week, you know it.

Unfortunately, the study also shows that if you do it more than once a week, the change in happiness is less measurable. But if you go from anything below once a week up to once a week, there's a dramatic increase in happiness.

Across three studies (N = 30,645), we demonstrate that the association between sexual frequency and well-being is best described by a curvilinear (as opposed to a linear) association where sex is no longer associated with well-being at a frequency of more than once a week.

via Sage Journals

So if your sex life has dropped to less than once a week, get back on that...well, I won't say horse, because that'll get me in a bunch of trouble...get back on the sex-wagon at least once a week, and be happy!

Seriously, can I become a Sex Scientist? Would that mean I'd get to start having sex?