I highly doubt you've ever found yourself at a ballgame and wondered what the ballpark turf might taste like, but in case you have, here's your chance to try a piece of Comerica Park.

Holland-based distillery, Coppercraft revealed the release of their new spirit, Social 416 Gin -- a limited edition gin made with blades of bluegrass that the Detroit Tigers play on at Comerica Park. An assortment of 13 botanicals are combined with the bluegrass. Per Coppercraft, the name came from the amount of feet (416) from home plate to their bar that's located at the park. LOL, very clever.

...close enough for fans to catch fly balls from their barstools.

Coppercraft has been an official sponsor for the Detroit Tigers since 2019 so this collaboration only makes sense.

Since only a small batch was made this means get it while you can. The gin is available for purchase at their tasting room locations in Holland (184 120th Ave.) and Saugatuck (340 Waters St.), and at select retailers. You can do a search locator to find what nearby stores and restaurants are selling it.

With Father's Day this Sunday, it could be a great last minute gift for dad, especially if he's a gin drinker or a lover of Detroit sports.


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