I find it odd that people can get pulled over for hanging an air freshener from their rearview mirror in their car.

Anyone who drives a lot late at night know you can get pulled over for almost nothing at least that is what I have experienced.

I have played in bands for 30 year's and driven all over the country and have been pulled over for nothing more times than I can remember...to be honest, I expect it. Do I like know, have I had a gun pulled on me for no reason, yes.

Playing in a band means I am getting out at night when many others have been drinking and more than likely police are out fishing for DUI's.

For the past five years I have been the only white guy in the band I play in and have been pulled over at least one a year in Indiana and Michigan but let go every time because I hadn't been drinking. I even had to go through all the sobriety steps 2 years ago and all I drank was a pitcher of water. I had just played a casino and in the contract they state that you cannot drink. I showed the officer the contract and he still was a jerk.

The other guys I jam with are African American and some of the best guys I have every played music with not too mention these guys are really good friends. They have all experienced much different outcomes than I did. From tickets to lockups, searches, anything because they were not drinking and following the law but at hours police fish for DUIs. It's one thing to protect and serve but another to profile.

Now I did get a gun pulled on me for reaching for my insurance when I was asked for it. This was during the day on the way to work. Not a good feeling looking down the barrel of a gun when asked for my license and insurance. That is a whole other story but I will tell you this, I was exonerated and the officer was sent to early retirement.

In the state of Michigan, it is illegal to hang anything except a disabled parking placard. That means no pine tree air freshener, graduation tassel, mask or anything else.

According to CNN, moments before the young Minnesota man, Daunte Wright, was fatally shot during a traffic stop, he had called his mom and said the reason they pulled him over was because of an air freshener was hanging in his rearview mirror. The police said it was expired tags but did notice an object hanging from the mirror.

These kinds of stops are called pretext stops, basically, any reason to pull you over to get a DUI or search your vehicle for drugs, guns or whatever.

I believe most police officers are good but I also believe there are some that like to fish for the wrong reasons. So don't hang anything on your rearview mirror and that is one less reason for an officer to pull you over. Kinda sad to have to say that out loud.

Oh one more thing...maybe someone should have a chat with Pine Tree Air Fresheners.

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