There once was a time in West Michigan when you would anxiously wait for the "Wyoming Riddler" to release his annual treasure hunt.

It was put together by a man named Joe Cramer. He would hide a small, oval medallion somewhere in greater Grand Rapids. You could use a city street map to figure out the riddle and find the medallion. The winner would be awarded a treasure of silver items.

Joe released his last riddle in June of 2014. He had been putting together the yearly hunt for 34 years.

Joe Cramer passed away last Friday, May 22nd at his home after a short battle with pancreatic cancer. He was 75.

For many years, I would anxiously wait for Joe to release his riddle and try to solve it. I can tell you -- I never even got close to finding that silver medallion.

His riddle from November of 1997 read:

"Bicycling is my love, then comes food. (or vice versa) Anyway, here I was on another spin. I wasn't paying attention when, looking over, I was face to face with what could be a big woman, with an irritating voice. I starred in wonderment, suddenly realizing the truth, at the beginning their is caviar. I needed a little support and it was there. Now it's there too. That's the whole story folks, now it's up to you."

I have no clue where the medallion was hidden that year. I could never follow the clues very well, but many others did, and really enjoyed Joe's riddles and treasure hunts over the years.

Here is a video interview with Joe from 2018 from WKTV...

Rest in Peace Joe Cramer.

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