Parents of a 19 month old in Wyoming, Michigan, have been charged for homicide in the death of their baby.

According to WZZM, 19 month old, Yurik Birkenmeyer only weighed 22 pounds, which was the same as he weighed 10 months earlier.

Kent County forensic pathologist, Dr. David Start stated that Yurik died of dehydration on March 16.

30 year old Alexander Birkenmeyer and 26 year old Andrea Todd have been charged with homicide as dehydration being the result of neglect by the caregivers.

Yurik is not the first child to die under the care this couple. They lost their first child from unsafe sleeping conditions but no charges were filed.

Start said, "There was certainly evidence of both malnutrition and dehydration. Yurik's eyes were sunken into his face and his skin tented due to the lack of fluids in his system. He said he was not sure how long the boy had been dehydrated, but this did not happen over night."

Yurik was found in a room that was nearly 90 degree's by first responders with a wound on the back of his head..

Circuit court will handle the case and soon go to trial.


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