Well, if your a baller and have the cash to drop down a 48 acre island complete with an amazing home, this could be a dream come true.

There is an island called Brown Island that is just north of Alpena that has an amazing home located on it and the starting bid is $250,000.

The island is on an inland lake but it has all the conveniences you have except you just need a boat for a short ride to get back and forth to the mainland.

So you better start turning in those returnable bottles and cans and pool your money because they are excepting bids as you are reading this. Click here for all the auction information.

You need to take a look at this place even if its just for fun. Here is a link to the home with several photos that will make your jaw drop.

Here are some of the Island and home details.

  • The island is located on 5,600 acre Grand Lake.
  • Quarter mile from mainland with 50 feet mainland shoreline for private parking and docking a boat.
  • The house is a 3,000 square foot lodge that is big enough for three dozen people to stay at.
  • The home is powered by a marine cable that connects to the mainland.
  • The home could be used as a corporate retreat.
  • If you need storage, there is a 30' x 40' pole barn on the island and two 16' x 20 heated cabins for guest houses.

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