A worker in Cedar Springs, Michigan, is accused of putting antifreeze in his co-workers water bottle for months.

Not everyone likes all their co-workers and that is understandable, but to not like one so bad you are willing to potentially go to prison for it is another thing.

According to MLive, a 48-year-old man by the name of Johnny Jesus Castellanos has been charged with poisoning a co-workers water bottle with antifreeze and could wind up in the big house for 15 years if found guilty.

Castellanos works at Packaging Personified in Sparta. According to court documents, has been putting antifreeze in a female co-workers water bottle periodically for months.

The female victim notified police after being suspicious that something was going on with her water, purchased a spy camera and set up in her work area. The woman had video evidence of the act.

The victims video showed that Castellanos went into her area at work, grabbed her water bottle then poured a green substance in the bottle, shakes up the bottle to disperse the liquid, sets the bottle down and leaves the area.

Luckily for the woman that she has sensitive taste buds because she would notice that her water would taste just fine, but then later it would taste odd. This is something the victim has noticed on several occasions. We all know that water doesn't go bad all that quickly.

This changes in her water tasting odd abruptly is what led her to investing in the surveillance camera. The victim also did a couple smart things, she save a bottle of water that she thought something was wrong with as well as a second bottle that Castellanos was caught on video tampering with. Those bottles were sent to a lab for testing and the results showed ethylene glycol which is used in the making of antifreeze.

There is no word on how much of the chemical the victim has drank by mistake in her body but seemed to handle gathering evidence like a pro.

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