Well if you work at a Dollar General location, the company is offering to pay employees to get the COVID-19 vaccination.

According to WOOD, Dollar General has nearly 160,000 employees in 47 states and is offering four hours of pay to choose to get the vaccine for the coronavirus.

Dollar General is one of the first larger companies to offer payment in order for getting the COVID-19 vaccine. This is something that many other companies have talked about but have yet to put into action.

Hopefully more companies will take notice and procure vaccines for their employees as well as offer payment for those who get vaccinated. This will be a much quicker way to get those out in the public vaccinated first and continue to slow the spread of COVID-19.

If you are wondering if your company could make you take the vaccine, the answer is no, but there may be some safety guidelines you would have to adhere to that may require you to have to sign a waiver.

Now there are some companies that can mandate flu or COVID-19 vaccines according to the U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. But even those companies there can be exceptions for medical or religious reasons.

With companies not wanted to get into court over vaccinations, more than likely a company will encourage you to get vaccinated but not make it mandatory.

Nearly 10 million Americans have already gotten their first dose of the vaccine. Although that number sounds high, it is really only 3% of the population which means we have a long ways to go and this process will take much longer that experts first stated.

Be on the lookout for some large scale vaccination drive-thru sites to come to large parking lots like those at arena's. This way you can drive up and get a shot and not even have to get out of your car.

Contact your local health department for any vaccination questions you may have. Here is a link to where you can get your questions regarding the vaccines answered.

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