Wood from the logging days of Muskegon Lake from the 1800s is being used to make custom guitars.

Normally, when I think of Muskegon Lake, I think of walleye fishing. What I didn't know was that this water system was a big part of the logging industry back in the mid to late 1800s.

Maybe some of you fisherman have lost a few lures and hooks on some logs that sank hundreds of years ago, but those are no ordinary logs but a treasure chest of wood that is being used to make guitars for some of music's legendary artists. These guitars are made by a company in Detroit called Echopark Instruments.

According to WZZM, a man by the name of Gabriel Currie who is originally from Los Angeles, California who started making his own guitars at a young age, wound up working in the woodshop for the legendary Leo Fender at his G&L Guitars.

Currie who was looking for a place to make his own custom guitars chose the city of Detroit and met a man by the name of Brian Mooney that turned him on to the wood that was being dredged from the bottom of Muskegon Lake. Mooney told Currie about the sinker pine from the Michigan's logging industry and how the wood was preserved on the bottom of the lake.

Currie who hand makes every guitar that comes from his shop couldn't wait to build a guitar from the sinker pine. The wood turns out to have a very unique tone since the wood has spent its time at the bottom of Muskegon Lake which gives the wood a one of kind texture.

Currie has since built a Sinker Guitar for Rolling Stones' Keith Richards, Aerosmith's Steve Perry, Blackberry Smoke and many more.

Keith Richards sent Currie a handwritten note thanking building him the guitar and mentioned the guitar being an icon. Those are big words from a man who is considered an icon himself.

The Sinker Guitar has a ring to it like no other guitar ever made and artists worldwide are clamoring to get their hands on one. These guitars are available to the public but you will be put on a long waiting list.

If you want to get on that list or learn more about these one of kind Michigan made guitars from Echopark just click here.

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