Employer ethics are in question after a concerning video bubbled up on TikTok in which a woman claimed she fears losing her job because she is 20 weeks pregnant.

Sharing content under the username @missbunya, the TikTok user, who goes by Ash, revealed her worries in a since-deleted video that went viral. It's unclear why the clip was removed from TikTok.

So, is it legal to fire or hire someone because they are pregnant?

According to the Daily Dot, Ash lives and works in Florida, which is deemed an "at-will" state — meaning an employer can terminate employees for any reason unless the reason is illegal. Ash is reportedly currently employed as a receptionist at a hair salon.

While laws are in place to protect from discrimination against pregnant people, Ash shared her belief that there are ways to get around the laws.

She is concerned about keeping her job because her boss "has made some remarks, prior to finding out about me, that pregnant people are always in the way, needy, a burden, that they'd never hire a pregnant person again."

The Daily Dot reports that many people on TikTok could relate to Ash's concerns, with users sharing their own stories in the comments before the video was deleted.

"This happened to my sister. They fired her [because] she was high risk and needed an accommodation to be able to sit down, and they didn't want to allow it," one person wrote.

"This happened to me when I started at a job," another user commented. "I didn't tell them I was pregnant, and then somebody asked so I said I was, and I was fired the same day."

"I got fired from my job I was at for almost a year for missing too much due to pregnancy complications," someone else shared.

According to the Daily Dot, Ash has since shared her pregnancy with her boss. It's unclear whether or not she was terminated.

One lawyer on TikTok, who shares free legal council on the app, says employers have a "sneaky trick" up their sleeves when it comes to terminating pregnant people.

The user, @AttorneyRyan, revealed in a video that in many cases companies will begin to limit the hours a pregnant person can work, before ultimately terminating the position.

If this is happening to you, seek legal counsel.

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