34-year-old Barbara Kline of Orange County, New York made a disgusting discovery recently when she cracked open a container of Vita Coco coconut water container.  After taking a sip, she noticed that it was chunky.  In fact, she actually swallowed a big 'ol clump of the gross substance!

Kline, obviously curious as to what she had just consumed, cut open the container to see what it contained.  And inside, she discovered what appeared to be a "squid-like" mass just chilling at the bottom.  And after watching the news story below, it definitely seems like something that used to be a living, breathing being.  Gross!

Kline said that after swallowing the chunky mass, she threw up for a few days and had diarrhea.  She contacted the company, who asked that she hand over the creature so that they could determine what exactly it was.  Kline declined, stating that she wanted to get an independent test.  She now says that she's considering suing the company, but insists that it's not about the money.

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