Uptown Cheapskate in Grandville is asking for the publics help in identifying a woman who went into their store and left with a handful of items before driving off.

The store posted the security footage to their Facebook page and revealed that the suspect even threatened the staff when confronted. It occurred on Monday and it all happened within 30 seconds. The woman is seen running out of the store with a bunch of clothes on hangers in hand.

The owner of Uptown Cheapskate told WOOD-TV that he believes it was a planned robbery because the car the thief got into had a getaway driver and there was no license plate on the vehicle. He did post a picture of the black Lincoln MKZ which was also missing the front end and has some damage to the back passenger side.

Uptown Cheapskate (Grandville) via Facebook
Uptown Cheapskate (Grandville) via Facebook

The thieves got away with about $300 worth of items.

I was scoping the comments of the Facebook post and it seems as if this person has done this before. Someone said she store from a store called Elevated in Grand Rapids and another clothing store, LIVED on Clyde Park.

The woman was masked up so it's hard to identify her by face but she has blonde hair and was wearing an Air Jordan sweatshirt and shoes at the time of the robbery at Uptown Cheapskate.

If you have any information that could lead to the arrest of these individuals, contact the Grandville Police at (616) 538.3002 or the Silent Observer at (616) 774.2345.

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