I have yet to see a wolf in the wild, but from the way things are going, the place to see one is at Michigan's Isle Royale National Park.

Grey wolves were sent to Isle Royale National Park to help rebuild the pack but also to help control the moose population and so far it looks like both have been a success.

According to WOOD, the wolves have been forming social groups and staking out their territory which is a very good sign.

So far 14 of the 19 wolves that were sent to the national park back in 2018 from Minnesota, Ontario and Michigan's Upper Peninsula have managed to form four social groups and have been mating.

A couple of wolves didn't make it and one left the island when the water iced over the lake. One pup has been born bringing the total number of wolves to 15.

The wolf situation on Isle Royale remains dynamic as these wolves continue to work out their relationships with one another. It is expected that social organization ought to settle down, but then again, wolves don't always abide by human expectations.

It looks like more wolves will be taken to the park until they have have a large enough number to maintain the moose population which was reduced by 9% in 2019.

It would be nice if the park opened up moose hunting for archery hunters. It would be a nice way to remove some of the animals and so that humans could consume some of the meat.

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