A Grand Rapids man has been renting machinery from area rental businesses and selling them on Craigslist.

According to WZZM, 41-year-old William Harold Darling was convicted four years ago of selling stolen forklifts. Darling is now accused of using Craigslist for selling stolen items which he has rented.

Kent County Sheriff Sergeant Joel Roon said, "What I found somewhat unique is there weren't really huge efforts to conceal his identity."

Darling was already known for swiping forklifts but has also been renting trailers for local businesses in Cedar Springs and Grandville then turning around and selling them on Craigslist.

True Value Rental manager Elizabeth Marckini in Algoma Township said, "The dump trailer was sold the same day he rented it, or stole it. He also rented a Ditch Witch, but he was arrested before he could sell it."

Darling appeared in the 63rd District Court Wednesday where he admitted to stealing trailers all across Kent County and then selling the equipment. Darling has been charged with seven felonies and may spend 10 years or more in prison.

Darling has already been to prison for trying to obtain money under false pretenses and has a criminal record that goes back 20 years.

Another manager at True Value Rental, Marisa Vanderhoff, described Darling and a smooth operator while renting equipment. Very calm, personable and engaging when filling out the rental agreements.

Darling was caught again when he rented some equipment for four hours and never returned it so the managers of the True Value called the Kent County Sheriff's department who had no trouble finding him.


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