Many Lions fans have followed Mathew Stafford and the Rams all season since dedicating the last 12 years watching him play for the Lions.

I know I fall into that category of following Stafford and the Rams. I don't have cable or satellite TV and unfortunately cannot pick up CBS with my TV antenna, so I watch most of my football games on Fox and NBC throughout the season. If I catch a game on CBS, I'm either at someone else's house or in a restaurant like yesterday for the Kansas City Chiefs vs Cincinnati Bengals game.

There were a lot of Rams games that were televised in the Michigan region this season and I caught every game. The reason I kept watching Stafford play for the Rams was simple, I always believed he had the talent to go to the big game, I mean I felt sure of it, so I felt compelled to watch after watching him play the last 12 years.

I'm not a crazed football fan like the guy in Muskegon that was wearing a Stafford jersey while screaming and jumping up and down at the TV, which ironically earned him a trip to see the Rams and Stafford play in the AFC Championship game, I will say that I have yelled at the TV in a positive way more than the past 12 years. At the end of the game against the San Franciso last night I yelled so loud I scared my dog jake.

I know I am not the only one that feels this way. I know lots of Detroit Lions fans who have followed Stafford all season and one thing everyone has agreed on, is they want to see him win the Super Bowl.

I am sure there were lots of New England Patriots fans who followed Tom Brady to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and some who said the hell with him. I kept watching Brady on the Bus's, c'mon he's the greatest of all time.

All these years, a lifetime watching the Detroit Lions has been rough as a fan. They have always had one or two players who were amazing to watch but never a well-rounded team on offense and defense except maybe in 2011 when they went 10-6.

I can't knock Lions coach Dan Campbell and his efforts and heart in 2021. He loves his players and they love him so who knows what Lion's future holds. But in the interim, I'm gonna watch Stafford and the Rams in the Super Bowl and I will be rooting as if it were the Lions. Why? Because it's all I have as a lifelong Lions football fan.

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