COVID-19 is causing homecoming dances across Michigan to be canceled for 2020.

Most schools have realized that large gatherings, especially indoors, are not a good call for students in schools and most students agree. Homecoming dances are being canceled or there are hopes of rescheduling them for later in the year.

According to FOX 17, every district that 7 Action News reporter Darren Cunningham spoke to say they are canceling the dance and the future plans are up in the air.

It has been a long time since my homecoming dance so it's kind of a blur for me, but I still remember how important it was and is for students.

Personally when I was in high school, I didn't care about who is going to be the homecoming king and queen. I do remember that was one of my first times casting my vote.

I played in the marching band and was on the football team so I was always more worried about trying to balance those two things and having a date for the homecoming dance than anything else.

Still for many students, homecoming is a very big deal and it's disappointing knowing the kids are missing out on their right of passage being a student.

One thing I don't like about the pandemic is what is takes from kids' social lives. As a parent, I want my kid to enjoy all the opportunities that I had as a kid but until the virus is under control, unfortunately kids will be missing out on a lot of tradition with their schools.

For the little kids, they won't know the difference, but those kids in middle and high school are definitely aware of the what they are missing out on.

Many 2020 students are hoping that many of the traditions that they will miss out on the fall will be made up in the spring, but there are still kids from last school year who have not gotten a proper graduation yet, and may never.

Hopefully communities across Michigan and America can get a better handle on controlling COVID-19 so the kids can get back to normal life again in America. Hopefully these types of events don't go away permanently.

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