Last winter the Farmers' Almanac predicted something called the Polar Coaster and that never happened. So I wonder if this years predictions will be any better?

Many have used the Farmers' Almanac for years to help them decide what to plant and when to plant. Many have used the almanac to predict how much snow will fall in order to plan for snow removal for the season.

Regardless of how or why you use it, you still need it to be semi accurate.

According to WOOD, here is what the Farmers' Almanac is predicting this year. 2020-2021 looks to bring a very cold and snow filled winter. Especially for the places that typically get a lot of snow and cold.

Last winter was a light winter for us in Michigan compared to the winter of 2019-2020. That winter was the most snow I had shoveled since the '80s. Last year, the Farmer's Almanac predicted something much worse and we really had a mild winter.

The Great Lakes region will once again see its fair share of snow and we here on the west side of the state no what that means...plenty of lake effect snow.

This winter weather predictions are more important this year because of COVID-19 and what its affect will be, not to mention flu season is getting closer.

One thing that the southern hemisphere learned during the pandemic is that when people wash their hands, wear a mask and social distance, there were lower numbers of the flu. Best case scenario, the flu season for Michiganders should technically be less because of the measures we have been taking to avoid catching the coronavirus.

Unfortunately for Americans, we lead the world in cases and deaths, so hopefully we get a better handle on this before flu season so we don't get a double whammy effect of both escalating. Most health care systems are not set up for both.

We still have until September 22 before the summer goes away and it is officially fall but when we get that first real good frost in October will be when we start to see the signs of the flu develop and hopefully a lack of because of masks, hand washing and social distancing.

Here is a link for the extended 2020-2021 forecast. 

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