Could the pandemic bring back the drive-in theater?

When I was a kid growing up on the east side of Michigan, there were a lot of drive-in theaters to choose from and I couldn't wait for my parents to take me.

While being a little kid going to the drive in, for me it was less about the movie and more about the popcorn and snacks. My parents often cited that once the popcorn and candy were gone I was usually fast asleep but none the less it was always an exciting time when dad said let's load the car we're going to the drive-in.

Since that time, seeing an actually drive-in that is actually operating is very rare these days.

Good news because according to FOX 17, the Capri Drive-in that is located in Coldwater will be re-opening its doors this Friday.

Not sure how the Governor Whitmer will react since she had originally ordered theaters to not open until May 28. I'm not here to play politics so I will let others do that, I'm just excited that the drive-in will be re-opening.

I personally feel that drive-in theaters are the safest way to go get some entertainment these days.

Some countries like Denmark have actually been having drive-in concerts where a stage and video screens are set up and concert goes watch from their cars like you would a drive in movie.

With the pandemic, we will have to social distance for a long time and who really knows just how long that will be.

After seeing what went on in Denmark with drive-in concerts and remembering all my enjoyable times seeing movies over the years at the drive-in, this may be a way to bring back live entertainment and other types of gatherings.

You could do political rallies where the candidate is broadcasting live from somewhere on to screens across the nation. Maybe even a hunting and fishing expo and any type expo could be shown on the screens. I think the ideas are endless. Granted, winter months this may not be viable in a lot of states, so you can do those first if you are touring and do the warmer states in the winter.

So if you own an old drive-in or have some property to put up a drive-in, not only could the drive-in make a comeback but with some new purposes.

Hey It's just an idea, but for my son and I, the drive-in theater sounds like something he and I could safely enjoy in this new world we live in.

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