College football for U of M, MSU and GVSU begins this weekend, and with the stands full and parking lots full, will these become super spreader events for the delta variant?

I'm not trying to be a party pooper on football, I love football and am excited to hear the real crowds roar again when I'm watching on TV or listening to the radio.

Most stadiums are back to full capacity for their games. These games are returning not only with fans in the stands but pre-COVID-19 rules. Again, this is great news but the Delta variant seems to get by some of those who are vaccinated.

If you have ever been to Allendale, Ann Arbor or Lansing during a home game, you know there will be lots of traffic, but also lots of tailgating going on.

When you have your own tailgate party, you can keep it under control with those in your bubble, but when you add another 100,000 tailgaters who are hopping tailgates, you are going to cross paths with those you don't know.

The players and students at most schools are vaccinated. But what about the fans entering the stadium?

So far, fans do not have to show proof of vaccination to enter any of the stadiums in Michigan. I find that odd when all the students, players, coaches and faculty all have to be vaccinated, but anyone who wants to attend, vaccinated or not, can enter.

I get the stadiums are open air, but have you sat in one of those tiny cramped up seats in any of these stadiums? It will be very hard not to come into contact with others. Plus people will be shouting for the their teams all in close proximity.

We have already seen concerts have problems like the Faster Horses Country Music Festival becoming a super spreader event. Several artists have caught COVID-19 out on the road. Like team members of the Foo Fighters, Pop Evil, Korn, Kiss, Slipknot and more.

I'm as excited as the next person about the return of college football but I sure hope we don't learn a hard lesson with full stadiums and parking lots this year.

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