It's wildfire after wildfire, but mainly in the western part of the country. Unfortunately, Michigan took a hit over the weekend with a wildfire that burned roughly 200 acres.

Isle Royale National Park experienced a wildfire on Sunday which impacted the island’s east end. As of Sunday, The Horne Fire had burned approximately 200 acres on the remote island.

According to the Isle Royal National Park Facebook page,  they said that due to the progress of the Horne Fire, ongoing drought conditions, and elevated levels of fire danger, area closures are necessary to maintain public health and safety.

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Closed areas due to the fire:
• Lane Cove Trail and Campground
• Greenstone Ridge Trail East of Mount Franklin Junction
• Mount Franklin Trail between the Greenstone Ridge Trail and the Tobin Harbor Trail (the 1/2 mile section of the Mount Franklin Trail between the Tobin Harbor Trail and Rock Harbor Trail will remain open as conditions allow)
• Duncan Bay Campground and Dock
• Duncan Bay/Tobin Harbor Portage Trail
• Duncan Narrows Campground and Dock
• Tobin Harbor Dock
• Hidden Lake Dock
• Hidden Lake Trail and Lookout Louise
• Merritt Lane Campground and Dock
• Stoll Trial and Scoville Point
• Cross-Country Camping Zones 8, 9, 10, 11, 34, 35, 36 are closed for camping as well as cross-country day use
Isle Royale is located about 60 miles from the Upper Peninsula and can only be reached by seaplane or ferry. I have friends that love Isle Royale and try to go camping and hiking there every year. It would be cool to check out but I need a little more civilization when I vacation and travel.

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