Suppose you can't get enough of seeing Binder Park Zoo's unique and incredible exhibits or haven't had a chance to swing through because of this ridiculous heat. In that case, you'll be thrilled to learn that the zoo will stay open late every Wednesday through July, with entertainment and live performances to offer something for everyone.

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Giraffe pictures were taken at the Nashville, TN Zoo
Misty Mullican


Introducing 'Wild Wednesdays'

If you've ever wanted to see the sunset over the savanna, the only way you could do that was by booking a plane to Africa, which I doubt you'd be doing anytime soon.

Thankfully, now you'll be able to thanks to "Wild Wednesdays". Included in the cost of the normal zoo admission, any attendant to the Zoo every Wednesday throughout July can stay until 8 pm and enjoy live performances from artists like American Idol Finalist Matt Giraud, the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra, and more. Entertainment starts at 5:00 p.m. and goes to 7:30 p.m.

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It has been an exciting summer for Binder Park Zoo. At the beginning of May, the Zoo welcomed a set of new red pandas, Justin and Garnet, to their exhibit. They've also created a new webcam live feed of the Red Panda exhibit that you can view here if you're like me and enjoy falling asleep to zoo exhibit livestreams.


Hodari's first day at The El Paso Zoo
El Paso Zoo

Binder Park Zoo is located in Battle Creek at 7400 Division Drive Battle Creek, MI 49014, open 7 days a week until October 27.

Adorable New Red Pandas at Binder Park Zoo

Welcome Justin and Garnet to the Binder Park Zoo!

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