Why would a person or family throw tires and trash on their own property that is in the Manistee National Forest in Michigan?

I bought an old farm property and house in Newaygo County a couple years ago and I've spent a lot of team digging up tires and old farm equipment on the property.

I have already filled one dumpster with trash and soon will have to order another one to fill it with trash.

This past Saturday instead of getting on the Muskegon River to fish I spent the whole day digging and stacking tires from a variety of vehicles, tractors and even a semi that were discarded all around the farm.

The area by the Hardy Dam is a beautiful part of Michigan and for some reason the farmer and his family who owned my place before me just threw whatever they wanted away in random places all around the barn and the corrals behind the barn and I just don't get it.

I would like to use the corrals for a variety of things but before I go in to till them up I have to remove all the trash. I dug up and stacked over a hundred tires on Saturday but over the past two years my brother in law and I have removed close to another 150 tires.

It seems every time one of the tractors broke, where ever it broke that is where the new part box is with the old part they took off.

I have also found countless piles of metal in random places which explains why I have went through so many tires on my mower and ATV.

One of my corrals has what at first I though was a coffin but turned out to be a giant tank buried in a random place in a corral that once held cattle. I have yet to dig up this monstrosity and may need to rent a piece of equipment to get this out.

I am trying to set up one of the corrals with greens for the deer and turkeys and next year I want to add pear, apple, persimmon and pecan trees to that area. I will have to remove that giant tank plus a bunch of fencing who knows what else I may stumble across along the way.

I really should have look those corrals over better before buying because I have spent a lot of weekends over the past couple years trying to clean this place up after 60 years of abuse from the previous owners. I probably have several more weekends of clean up to do before all the trash is gone and to be honest, I'd rather be fishing.

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