We live in an attention economy, and the best way to get attention is to appear in your real estate ad scantily clad?

This may be a sign that the booming real estate economy may be slowing down.

A video highlighting a house up for sale on Plymouth Avenue featured either the real estate agent, Kyle Visser, or the owner of the house making an appearance wearing nothing but a bath robe. I think it's the former.

Whoever it is promises a future of leather bound books and the smell of rich mahogany if you buy the house at 251 Plymouth SE. Wait, the books come with the house? That's kind of odd.

At any rate, he got me to click on the ad and I'm not in the market for housing, so I guess it works from that perspective. The man first appears at :20...

But outside of grabbing your attention, you have to wonder what the subliminal message is here.

Is it...

...this is the perfect house, if you're Ron Burgundy (and we couldn't afford Will Farrell)?

...hey, I just got back from a swinger's convention, and there's more here than a house for sale, if you know what I mean?

...my kids got me this robe for Christmas, and I decided this was the best use for it?

...this house costs a lot and isn't this how rich people act?

...on one acre of land with over 9000 square feet of house no one can see you, right?

The house actually is at a good price for the location, so give Kyle a call. I'm pretty sure he doesn't wear the robe all the time.

Almost pretty sure.

Hell, I don't know, maybe he does.

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