In October of last year, Slipknot released their new song "All Out Life" and fans assumed it was a preview of the group's sixth album. When the track listing was unveiled, the song was not included as one of the 14 songs on We Are Not Your Kind. In an interview with Kerrang!, Corey Taylor explains why it was left off.

Despite one of the lyrics from "All Out Life" being used as the title of Slipknot's forthcoming record, the song was not destined to be part of it. "[All Out Life isn’t on the album] from a standpoint of it was kind of its own thing that really just let people know that we weren’t gone, and that we were still looking forward and working on music," said the singer.

Even though its purpose was merely to serve as a reminder and was not befitting of the album's mentality. "It was just such a catchy song that it made sense to release it," said Taylor, adding, "But now, in context with the story that we’re telling [on We Are Not Your Kind], we weren’t sure if we were going to put it on there."

Taylor didn't imagine the "we are not your kind" lyric would be anything more than "a great concert chant," admitting, "It wasn't so much that I thought it was benign or anything - it was definitely something that I thought, 'This could be something really cool' - but it took on a life of its own, and that's when I really started thinking about the phrase; about how it could be perceived."

We Are Not Your Kind arrives Aug. 9 on Roadrunner Records. Watch the music video for the album's first single, "Unsainted," here.

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