Everything was going smoothly for Ashley Ridge High School's graduation ceremony... except that part where someone forgot to turn off the sprinklers.

The school in Dorchester County, South Carolina was doing a small, socially distanced ceremony Wednesday afternoon, when all of a sudden, students heard a "hissing" sound. Student Megan Mowrer told CountOn2 that what came next was a little bit of pandemonium:

We all look over and we see water spraying from the football field and everywhere…everyone started running to the sides to try and avoid getting soaked before getting their diploma!

As if their graduation wasn't going to be memorable enough, right?

It is nice to see that some of these things are starting to happen for kids. The seniors of the class of 2020 have had to miss out on a lot of the things that most high school seniors get to experience like prom, some sports seasons, and even that feeling of walking out of the building on your last day of school.

You can watch the entire graduation ceremony on YouTube.

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