I have never attempted to sell a house before, so I am not judging. If anything, this is a creative way to do so, and people are definitely talking about this real estate listing in Byron, Michigan.

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According to Zillow, the asking price for the three bedroom, one bathroom home is $217,000. Like I said I don't know anything about selling a house. I don't know if that is too high of a price, to low of a price, or fair. What I do know is the pictures of the home are priceless. As you will see below, each photo of the home features a woman. Is the woman in the photos the seller? I I have no idea - but I am intrigued.

After closer inspection, I do not see the mystery woman in two of the outside picture of the garage - but it could be a Where's Waldo situation. I keep looking for her behind the grill or perhaps behind a tree. I want her to be in all the pictures.  Let me know if you find her.

It did cross my mind that this could quite possibly be a joke? Can and do people prank on Zillow? I want to say no - but anymore who knows? I love a great practical joke, but even I would not have thought of this. It has to be an actual listing, isn't it?

So many questions! See if the pictures of the listing help you decide - and please let me know what you think. Whoever this woman is, I love her.

Strange Listing For Byron Home

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