This Saturday, the University of Michigan and Michigan State University will meet in East Lansing for their annual rivalry game.

This will be the third time in history that both teams are undefeated for the game. The first undefeated matchup was in 1999 when the Spartans defeated the Wolverines 34-31. Both teams would go on to a 6-2 season in the Big Ten.

The second matchup also went in favor of the Spartans when they defeated Michigan 34-17 in 2010. Michigan started the season 4-0 but after their loss to MSU, they lost 4 more games to end the season 5-7. Michigan State finished the Big Ten Season 7-1 and secured their first share of the Big Ten Championship in twenty years.

Now, in their third undefeated matchup, Michigan is slightly favored to win in the rivalry game. Michigan State has won 6 of the last 10 games over the last decade, but Michigan dominates the matchup with a record of 71–37–5 against the Spartans.

So, now that you have a little bit of background about the game this Saturday, we want to know who you think will win. Vote in our poll below and let us know!

No matter who wins the game, you can always expect a good game out of the biggest college football rivalry in the state. So, whether you shout "Go Blue!" or "Go Green!", you know you'll be enjoying a hard fought game.

Michigan takes on Michigan State in East Lansing on Saturday, October 30th at noon. You can watch the game on FOX.

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