Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced she is urging high school classes, youth sports and indoor restaurants to take a two week pause due to COVID-19.

One minute everyone is getting happy because of the vaccinations, warm weather, things had begun re-opening and now Michiganders need to put on the breaks a little longer.

According to WOOD, Whitmer is not ordering these new restrictions but asking the public to take a voluntary compliance with her recommendation. There has been a huge surge in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations all across the mitten state.

Whitmer recommended high schools flip back to virtual learning which makes sense. The bummer for kids who are involved in sports, the governor is asking them to be postponed or better yet, paused for a couple weeks.

Gov. Whitmer also suggested that residents of the state go back to outdoor dining and carryout for the next couple weeks just to curb this rapid new spread of the coronavirus. Plus if you have some gatherings coming up during this time, she is also urging you put those on pause as well.

Normally you want to be first in things but not when it comes to COVID-19 and unfortunately Michigan is now the leader in the rate of new cases in the United States for the past couple of weeks.

This is why, like so many have been saying, I have said time and time again, now is not the time to spike the ball in this game of COVID because folks we are only in the third quarter of the game. We all need to lay low, follow the CDC guidelines until the majority of Michiganders have been vaccinated. I know it sucks but its what is necessary.

Whitmer has more vaccines on the way from the federal government the best thing you can do if you have not been vaccinated, is make that appointment and get it done.

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