I know, I know, the big numbers stand behind "Noah" as the huge film of the weekend.  And that's great.  Maybe I'll go check out this week.  But this weekend, I wanted to see the new Arnold movie, "Sabotage".

So I did.

And it's everything you want from an Arnold movie, and more.  This is a return to the "old school" Arnold movie, with all the boobs, bullets and blood you always could expect from him.  Well, before the "Junior" and "Twins" days.

There are some new things for Arnold, too.  Just like "End of Days" was a different for the big guy, so is "Sabotage".  Don't let the trailer mislead you into thinking you know where this movie is going.  It wanders off in a different direction from the very beginning.

It's hysterical watching Arnold peck away on a keyboard, doing his penance at data-entry at one point early in the movie.

Don't worry about having to sit through a message, just go watch things explode.  It's a fun movie.