There's a Vietnamese dish I found in El Paso before I left home that I really liked.  It was just called Crispy Fried Noodle (#378) at Pho Tre Bien, and it was amazing!  If you're ever in El Paso, check out that place, it's good.

I love the Pho, don't get me wrong.  And the Vietnamese sandwiches are awesome, too.  But this crispy noodle bowl was the shiznit!

I've looked at other places, but I haven't found anywhere that has anything listed with the same name, so I'm at a loss.  If you know what it's called, and where I can get it, that would be fantastic.

Also, where's your favorite place to get some Vietnamese in town?  I want to try some more places here...let's find out the best places!

Email me with your suggestions, or if you know where I can get this dish.

Thanks for your help!

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