Several shootings across the state of Michigan have some cities considering gun-free zones where large groups of people gather. Do you live in one of these zones?

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Gun-Free Zones That Already Exist in Michigan

Even if you have a concealed pistol license there are areas of Michigan you cannot carry your gun.

Those with CPLs know this because it is part of the curriculum for obtaining the license but for those unaware of where gun-free zones are, here is a list of places you cannot bring your handgun even with a CPL:

  • An entertainment facility
  • Bar or Tavern (where the primary source of income is the sale of liquor consumed on-site)
  • Casinos
  • Churches (any property owned or operated by a place of worship, unless the presiding official (pastor) permits it
  • Daycare center, child-caring agency, child-placing agency
  • Dormitory or classroom of a community college, college, or university
  • Hospital
  • School or School Property
  • Sports arena or stadium

Note: in most cases, the gun-free zones do not include the parking areas of the places listed above.

What Michigan City is Proposing a Gun-Free Zone?

Most major cities and even some of the smaller cities have been experiencing a lot of shootings and it doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. These random shootings have one major city in Michigan that is currently looking at creating gun-free zones in parts of its downtown area.

The Detroit city council is discussing the creation of gun-free zones in several areas downtown where crowds gather.

What Areas of Detroit Could Become Gun-Free Zones?

According to FOX 17, the Detroit city council is discussing making the Detroit Riverfront, Greektown, Hart Plaza, and Spirit Plaza gun-free zones.

Some fear that the government is trying to take their guns and that is just not the case, but it is asking you to leave your gun at home if you plan on spending time in those areas of the city.

Are There Gun-Free Zones in West Michigan?

As of now, the only gun-free zones in West Michigan are the same ones listed above under the CPL rules but as gun violence rises, you could see similar proposals being made in areas where large groups of people gather.

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