Many people have been working from home in the past year and like it, so when the pandemic is over, will they be able to continue working from home?

Since the lack of internet where I live an hour north of Grand Rapids, I missed out on the work from home opportunity. It would have been a dream to work at home but I guess the world doesn't want people who live in the country to have proper internet.

Many of my co-workers were able to work from home and some still do but they live where the internet is plentiful but aside from the comforts of the nice studios we have, those who worked from home say they like it.

According to WOOD, the Ford Motor Company has made a big statement by telling 30,000 of its employees around the globe that worked from home during the pandemic that they can continue to do so. Employees will basically work from home but come in for meetings and projects that really need a face to face to accomplish the goals. Now that is pretty sweet.

I can do some work from home and often work at home. It is usually late night after working all day or on the weekend. Heck last weekend I was in town and popped into work for 6 hours to get a head start on this week.

If you work from home you may want to be talking with your boss to see what the future lies for you continuing to work at home, but then again, you might be one of the ones who would rather go into work if there are too many distractions at home.

I'm sure companies can save a ton of money on office space by having their employees work from home. There are probably some companies that may reduce their office building to a simple office with a conference room for meetings.

With most jobs involving a computer, I can see more and more companies moving away from the downtown office buildings to smaller outfits in the burbs. It would save money from renting office space, to keeping them heated and cooled plus the maintenance to keep them up and clean. If your team can do the job as good or better from home, than its a business decision that only makes sense for all involved. Not to mention how families kids could save thousands on daycare.

Households would also save on not having the commute to and from work. Not having to pay to park in some cases. Less wear and tear on your vehicles and few accidents with less people on the road. Even the potential of strengthening families by being together more often. There are a lot of positives for working from home.

There are a lot of advantages for many people to work from home and with all the savings companies can get, I expect more companies to follow Ford in allowing employees the option to work from home.

Now if internet companies would just give people in rural areas a better opportunity of high speed internet that works...I wouldn't mind giving it a try.

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