I wonder what Halloween will look like during a pandemic?

I have seen the Halloween costumes and candy showing up in the grocery stores. I have see that some of the big Halloween stores are opening, but in the back of my mind I have been pondering, will there really be a Halloween this year?

As a kid, Halloween was only second to Christmas but a very close second. I couldn't wait to load that pillow case with as much candy as possible. On the other hand, there wasn't a pandemic going on during my childhood.

Having a seven-year-old son and knowing how much he already loves the holiday, I have some concerns how he will be able to celebrate this year.

I'm not sure it is in the best interest of my son's well being to be going door-to-door to strangers' houses in hopes of scoring some candy. Not to mention having to wipe down every piece of candy in case someone who has COVID-19 is handing out the candy.

I haven't heard anything from the communities and what their plans are yet.

Since my son is going to school online it wouldn't make much sense to send him out into the public to collect candy. Plus, a virtual Halloween would mean no candy and come on, let's face it, kids are into Halloween for one thing only, well after getting a cool costume, and that's getting some free candy.

I am thinking we may have to have a family Halloween party so the kids can dress up, play some games and get some candy. So I guess I will run that by the fam.

I couldn't imagine if there was a COVID-19 outbreak in a community who does have a normal Halloween, how the heck would you contact trace when everyone is in a costume?

Yep, I'm thinking Halloween with the family will be our path this year.

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