When I was a kid, I got ripped using the Hulkamania Workout Set that Santa brought me for Christmas. I was in the best shape of my life, thanks to the 3 pound dumbbells, jump rope and motivational coaching by Hulk Hogan on the cassette that came with the set. Recently, I listened to the tape for the first time in years and realized that I could change the meaning of what the Hulkster was saying just by bleeping out certain words. See if you can guess what the man with the largest arms in the universe is saying and enjoy "What The Hulk?" - Shaffee...

1)  Feel that _____ man!

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2)  C'mon ____________ real slow.

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3)  Use that _____ while you're watching TV.


4)  I always thought it was fun to _____ with a buddy, or a partner.


5)  Well, my _____ started pumping.

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Listen to the entire Hulkamania Workout Set below.

Here are the answers to the bleeped out words:

1 - Stretch

2 - Rotate Shoulders

3 - Gripper

4 - Work Out

5 - Muscles