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Old Japanese Hulk Hogan Commercial is an 'Ear Worm'
Hulk Hogan may be in the news right now for his recent racial comments, but before all of that, he was a pretty big '80's and '90's icon.
However, because of his popularity, he was booked in a hilarious Japanese commercial.
What The Hulk? - 5 Lines Taken Out of Context
When I was a kid, I got ripped using the Hulkamania Workout Set that Santa brought me for Christmas. I was in the best shape of my life, thanks to the 3 pound dumbbells, jump rope and motivational coaching by Hulk Hogan on the cassette that came with the set. Recently, I listened to the tape for the…
Hulk Hogan Will Train Little Wrestlers for New Reality Show
Hulk Hogan is returning to two of his favorite pastimes: wrestling and reality television.
Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, will be featured in a new reality series for TruTV, tentatively titled 'Micro Wrestling,' about the "wrestling world of little people."
Hogan's attorney, David H…