I have to say, I’m slightly disappointed in some of you guys….cuz a new survey just released says that one out of three of you guys would dump your girlfriend if she kissed another girl….What’s up with that!?   Ya know that when your girlfriend kisses another girl it only leads to one thing right?   Yea…. you, your girl, and the girl she kissed back at your place for a good old fashion drunken 3 way  party!   But oh no….one out of three of you guys say that wouldn’t be fun!   Read my take on this survey below…..

I gotta ask you guys…what the hells up with this?   A new survey just releases says that 32% (that’s about 1 in 3 guys) say they would dump their girlfriend if she kissed another girl.    40% said they wouldn’t dump her, but they would be mad at her.   And only 28% of men said they’d be totally into it!
Here is why the guys said they would dump their chicks, or be mad at them….the main reason guys gave for dumping their girlfriends for kissing another girl is that they would be worried that they’d never be able to trust her again,  or worried that she would become confused about her sexual orientation and become a full blown lesbian.    Guys-  listen….just cuz your chick makes out with another chick at a bar, that IS NOT cheating on you…that’s just good clean family fun that’s only gonna lead to the possibility of you, your girl and the girl she kissed having an awesome three way drunken orgy party back at your house!   And if you never had one of those, trust me…their fun!  And just cuz your chick kisses another chick, believe me….its not gonna turn her gay….chicks do that stuff all the time just for fun!     So if you are one of those 32% of guys that would dump your chick for kissing another chick….lighten up, trust me…it will only lead to good things!

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