I have been a lifelong Detroit Lions fan and needless to say, it has been nothing but disappointing.

I love football and as long as I can remember it has been my favorite sport.

I'm unfortunately old enough to remember when they played at Tiger Stadium back in the day.

I lived north of Pontiac in a little small town called Holly, Michigan. When my parents and I would go on trips to visit family out of state or go to the Detroit Auto Show, we would drive by where the Pontiac Silverdome would be built eventually. In the beginning, people used to use that space at a place to hill climb with trucks, motorcycles and jeeps. I would look out the window to watch the hill climbing as we would drive by.

I remember driving by as the Silverdome was being built. A little bummed about the hill climbing going away but excited that the team would be closer to my house.

I would watch games with my Dad (and still do) and back in the day there was at least some hope.

They had a few good years when Billy Simms was the running back, and also during the time of Barry Sanders there were moments of hope but it just seems more and more hopeless year after year.

More teams have broken records against than Lions, than any other team in the NFL.

I have watched countless leads go to the wayside for losses. Now granted, there was a year Stafford was king of the comeback but other than that it is sad to watch them.

I don't know how many Sundays have been ruined because of the Lions blowing a lead or just plain giving the game away.

In order to keep my Sundays semi sane, I have only watched bits and pieces of the Lions games or listened on the radio but as always, just to be disappointed time and time again.

I just don't understand why the team is continually bad. They have had some great players over the years, plenty of support from fans but they just can't get it done.

Maybe the Fords should sell the team and let somebody else own it and see if that is the problem. They might be able to build a truck but they seem to have always had their hand in the team and that is the only thing I can think of that has been consistent. They can fire a general manager or a coach but no one can fire the owners.

It's the only thing left I can think of the team hasn't tried in the years I have been a beat up fan.

At least I have the Sunday night game to watch each week. I never have anything invested in the two teams but it's usually a good game and is usually a great way to end a fall and winter weekend.

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