Even after all these years the question is still asked, "what is Free Beer & Hot Wings Live @ Night?" We now have a video that gives you a pretty good idea.

Free Beer & Hot Wings as you know have a syndicated radio show that is based out of Grand Rapids Michigan but also heard in over 40 other markets across the United States. That alone is pretty darn impressive, but what is also impressive, these guys do a live show annually at the DeVos Performance Hall that continues to sell out year after year.

Just because Free Beer & Hot Wings sell out the venue doesn't mean people still don't ask the question "what is Free Beer & Hot Wings Live @ Night". So I put together a video that takes you behind the scenes, in the lobby, the line waiting to get in, meet and greet, dressing room, sponsor booths and elements from the show from all corners of the theater.

As you can see, if you watched the whole video, Free Beer & Hot Wings Live @ Night Show is not just a show but an experience. From walking in the venue, to getting a beer, to visiting a vendor booth, maybe pick up a souvenir t-shirt or if you are a VIP and get a peak back stage, the Live @ Night show has a lot to offer that you just can't get from their normal radio show.

The show is different every year and changes from market to market that Free Beer & Hot Wings do these shows in. If you are a show super fan and you live in West Michigan you may get a little spoiled here but who knows you may want to make the road trip and catch their Live @ Night show in another market.

If anyone ever asks you, what is the Free Beer & Hot Wings Live @ Night Show, now you can just send them to this video.


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