Today on Segment 16, the guys talk about a news story from eastern Michigan, about a family that had a little bit too much fun at their local Walmart. It involves a child, alcohol, a job application, and robbery.

How to get made fun of by a lot of people, in just a few simple steps:

First up, take the whole family to Walmart. Next, grab all the booze you can carry, and take your man and your kid into the restroom.

Then, get totally s***faced in the bathroom.

After you get all liquored up, go find an employee and ask them to help you apply for a job at Walmart.

Then, without warning your man, tell the employee that you're robbing them, and to put all the money in a bag.

Hopefully, your man will respond the way this one did, and drag your stupid ass out of the Walmart before you get jacked up by police on the Walmart floor.