If you've been driving through downtown Grand Rapids on northbound US-131, you've probably noticed a billboard with a strange message.

The billboard is located just past Pearl Street. (The billboard is actually between the Big Boy Parking lot and the City of Grand Rapids parking lot.) On the billboard it says "Text and..." and then there are three emojis. One is a man with with gray hair and a beard, then there is a barbershop pole, and then a man with red hair and a blue moustache.

Next to the first billboard is another that clearly states "Just Don't Text and Drive".

Townsquare Media/Scott Winters
Townsquare Media/Scott Winters

I turned to social media to see if perhaps I was the only one missing the point. What do these emojis symbolize? Just what were the creators of the billboard trying to say?

I am not the only one confused. Many people offered up possible suggestions, but no one really had a definitive answer.

Paul B. suggested Text and "go to the barber to get your hair done".

Danny S. and Catherine B. suggested Text and "Dye" (as in getting your hair dyed a different color).

John B. thought perhaps Text and "sing barbershop music".

There were so many guesses, but apparently there is no correct answer.

It appears the billboard is part of the "Text and Whatever, Just Don’t Text and Drive.” Campaign. There are several other designs, some that are more obvious as to what they are trying to say -- things like dancing, taking a bath, and watching a movie.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration posted the following video on Twitter...

So now we know what the campaign is all about, but we still really don't know what the emojis meant on this particular billboard. The overall message is clear, and also a good message "Don't Text and Drive".


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