I have owned a small farm in Newaygo County for about a year and I am constantly digging things up on the property and it never seems to end.

I tell my neighbor all the time that I fear I will find a body at some point on my property and recently thought I found a human bone that turned out to be a cow bone but still, c'mon man, I'm finding bones in random places all around my property.

I don't just find bones, its mostly old car and tractor parts, buckets, jugs, plastic, shingles, you name it. It seems every time I venture out something new rears its ugly head on my land.

When I first got the place a random door was just sticking half way out of the ground. I couldn't believe all that was buried with it. Heck, I filled an entire dumpster last year with pipes, wire, fencing, doors, wood, fluid jugs from tractors and vehicles.

Now granted I have expanded the lawn and cut some of the high grass that was growing around the property and around the barn and now I know why the let the weeds grow.

I have a young son and I want him to be able to play outside and now worry about getting his feet or legs cut running around. Let's face it, that is what little boys do they run around and have fun.

I will see a little corner of plastic sticking up in the grass, I pull on it, then a hole job comes out of the ground. What I mean by that is all the scraps from when the previous owner projects ended up in black plastic and either buried or just piled up in random places all over the property.

If the farmer changed a part on a tractor, I find the box of the new part with the old part in it or near by. Don't even get me started on all the old tires because I swear, ever tire these people ever owned is somewhere on this property.

I have unearthed a bathtub, two even toilets and even a kitchen sink. I will say I have yet to find anything of value.

Looks like I'm going to have to rent another dumpster to get rid of all this old trash that has literally been dumped everywhere. I have put together a pretty nice scrap metal pile that I will exchange for some money but not enough to pay for my dumpster.

I just don't understand why someone would just dump everything right on their land when for a century we have had a garbage system and garbage dumps.

Its probably going to take me two more summers to clean up all these mystery piles of garbage on my property, but when I'm done, its going to look and feel amazing.

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