Tomorrow is the big favorite holiday of the year...Halloween!  The day everyone admits their love for tons of candy, and we make a special effort to get as much of it as we can!

We even let our kids loose on the neighborhoods, hoping they'll collect enough of the goodies that we'll be able to feast on it with them!

But once the kiddos go to do you enjoy the candy haul even more?

By pairing your booty with beer!  Not your butt-booty...but your candy-booty...just to be clear.

Check out this website that details which craft beers go best with different types of candy. You want to have the best experience, so make sure to drink a milk stout with Hershey's Milk Chocolate bars, but Hot Tamales go with IPAs...

Who knew there were so many rules and pairings?!

Enjoy your Halloween booty!  I mean the candy thing again...perv!