There are a lot of dog lovers in the state of Michigan and lots of dog breeds to choose from, but what are Michiganders' top choices in dogs?

I work in a downtown area where I see tons of different dogs every day being walked by their owners. I'm surprised at how many different dog breeds I see but I have noticed a lot of people walking Siberian Huskies. I'm not saying that a husky is Michigan's favorite, I just see them often where I work.

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When I was a little kid for a short while we had a bloodhound but we lived in a trailer at the time and he was a bit loud for the neighbors. When we moved to a house when I was in grade school, my dad got a beagle pup named Suzie and when she passed we got another beagle named Clyde. Both beagles were great pets and excellent hunters. My dad and I had a lot of fun running those dogs.

Below is a list of Michigan's favorite choices in a dog breed:


As my dad and I, a lot of people around the world for centuries used dogs for hunting purposes. Many years ago it was much more necessary since there wasn't a Meijer in every town. Poodles were originally developed as water retrievers. Clipping their coats made the dogs more efficient in the water. The dogs were used for hunting, performed in circuses and some even used them to sniff out truffles and to dig them up then retrieve them. There are lots of sizes and varieties of poodles to choose from.


I see a lot of German Shorthaired Pointer's in Michigan, but I don't see a lot of people downtown in the city where I work walking them. Where I live in Newaygo County, I see these dogs often.

German Shorthaired Pointers are really all-around dogs for a family. They are friendly, very instinctive, easy to train, and will hunt just about anything. They are often used as bird hunting dogs for pheasants and ruffled grouse but have been used to hunt rabbits, raccoons, and even deer.


Siberian Husky's are a magnificent-looking dog breed. When my son and I were looking for a dog, the Siberian Husky was high up on our list.

If you have ever watched any programs on Alaska, you may have seen a pack of Siberian Husky's pulling a sled. What really sets them apart from many other breeds is their blue eyes. There are also Siberian Husky's with brown eyes but the ones with the blue eyes really stand out. These dogs are friendly and great family dogs plus they don't mind the snow at all and that is important when you live in Michigan.


You know I am a big fan of the beagle. They are great dogs for families and a good all-around dog. They will bark if there's a stranger, they will fetch a ball, they are the best rabbit hunting dogs you will ever find. They have a good temper and don't have the health problems a lot of other breeds have. People around the globe use them as detection dogs for prohibited agricultural imports.


The Golden Retriever to me is the classic family dog and I was really surprised that this breed wasn't Michigan's favorite choice for a dog. I see more of these than any other dog in people's yards. Golden Retrievers are some of the most intelligent dogs around. They are even-tempered and great around children of all ages, adults, and grandparents. These dogs are very affectionate and you can feel their love coming back to you. Now they don't bark that much and really is not the ideal guard dog but I have seen a few who are very protective of their family.

side view on a young German shepherd sitting, looking up


If you are looking for a smart loyal dog to protect the family, look no further than the German Shepherd. There is a reason German Shepherd are chosen by police to use to catch bad guys, find drugs, bombs, and just about anything else, you can teach these dogs to do just about anything. These dogs are strong, obedient, and highly intellegent.

I used to date a girl who had two of these dogs and they were two of the coolest dogs I had ever been around. One of them went by the name of Sarge. You could teach this dog anything and if you didn't teach him, he would watch you. He knew that I had to turn the doorknob to let him outside. He would get so excited to go outside it got to the point, he didn't wait for me anymore, he would just turn the doorknob himself and then open the screen door and go out on his own. He would watch me do stuff and then try to do it himself. I was picking blackberries one time and he was watching me eat them. Next thing you know, he eases in and picks a few for himself. Such a great dog.

Black labrador


Michigander's favorite dog breed is the trusty Labrador Retriever. These dogs can be black, yellow, and brown (chocolate). There are some dog breeders who have silver labs and they are absolutely gorgeous.

When my son and I chose our dog, we both saw a photo of Jake as a puppy and said that's the dog. I can attest that a labrador retriever is an excellent choice for a dog. Jake is so smart you can teach him anything.

Labs were originally bred for retrieving birds and ducks for hunters. Labradors are still bred for hunting but they have really become the go-to dog families. They are strong, loyal, and they have such loving characteristics. They have excellent temperament around small children really makes the perfect pet.

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