Yesterday in the GRD break room the topic of Wingstock came up which lead to a discussion of Jesse James Dupree and Jackyl and how they stole the show at Wingstock in 2010.  This lead to near arguments on favorite Jackyl songs.  I've always been torn between "Down on Me" and "She Loves My Cock".  Of course "Lumberjack" favored heavily in our unofficial lunchroom poll.

Take a listen to the following Jackyl songs and give us your vote on best Jackyl song.  In case you missed Jackyl at Wingstock , you can catch em at the Intersection this Monday night.  Tickets are just $9.79.  Great price for a night I bet you never forget!

Dirty Little Mind

Down On Me

I Stand Alone Today

She Loves My Cock

The Lumberjack

When Will It Rain