Stormy Daniels is, to put it lightly, in demand these days. But even when she isn't sparring with President Donald J. Trump's legal team over the finer points of non-disclosure agreements, she's always kept busy.

You may have heard that she's an actress; she's also a director, and one of her most recent projects was directing the "She Likes Guns" video for up-and-coming artist Granny 4 Barrel, which we are premiering right here; watch the video above. Featuring adult film stars Lily Lane, Casey Calvert and Arya Fae, the video was filmed way back in June of 2017, well before Ms. Daniels was dominating the news cycle and clobbering angry Trump supporters on Twitter.

Ms. Daniels was introduced to Granny (the group's mysterious frontman) via his producer, chainsaw-wielding Jackyl frontman Jesse James Dupree, who produced the track. As she told Loudwire via email last night (March 27), "Several years ago, I was hired by Jesse to direct a music video for a band he was producing called 16 Second Stare. More recently, Jesse began working with Granny 4 Barrel and he thought I'd be the perfect fit for [directing] 'She Likes Guns.'Jesse connected me with Granny, and a few brainstorming phone calls later, we had a video in production."

So, if the video was in the can nine months ago, why did it take so long for it to see the light of day?  Granny tells Loudwire that he wanted the song to be the band's first single, but the record label opted to go with "Freak Flag" instead; watch that video here.

"Jesse and I was in agreement that 'She Likes Guns' was real cool, and we wanted to put that out first, but the radio folks was like, 'Well, guns: that's kinda touchy, and we sure do like 'Freak Flag.' Why don't we roll that out?' But we already had the video done, so we shelved it. And we figured we were just going to wait until whenever the right time is."

"About a month ago, I said, 'Hey, boys, you think it's the right time now?'" he laughs.

In something of a (cough) perfect storm, the video combines two subjects that haven't left the news in the past few weeks: firearms and Ms. Daniels.

"That's some crazy shit right there!" Granny says. "I guess 'timely' is the right word! You can't write this shit, you can't make it up!"

He continues, "When Stormy and I did the treatment for this video, we said, 'There's always negative press about guns, and I just want a different perspective.' Yeah, we used real guns in this video, 'cause it's fuckin' cool! And we had these beautiful ladies holding guns, and there's nothing sexier than that! But at the heart of the song, it's about women's empowerment and courage and inner strength. That's what the guns are a metaphor for. It's not about a bunch of killin' and crazy shit like that! It's more artistic and it's from a female perspective."

"Well, I just loved working with her," he says. "It was just an honor and pleasure. We worked on the treatment over the course of a couple of weeks, and figured out what we were gonna do. And then when we showed up the night before, she had her props manager, and a bunch of people, they had all these steam-punk giant clocks and things."

"The next day, we went into the club, CIA - that's the California Institute Of Abnormalarts -  it's a crazy place, just perfect for Granny, and we shot guerilla style, a fifteen hour day! Stormy's hardworking. That's a hard working woman right there! There were a bunch of people working and they busted their asses. I can't say enough good things about all of them."

Discussing Ms. Daniels' acerbic wit on Twitter, Granny says, "She's got a good sense of humor. There's always haters. You just gotta have thick skin. You don't take yourself too seriously, or you'll have hurt feelings all the time! The last time I checked, this was the entertainment industry! That's what we're doing, entertaining you!"

"I told her tonight, 'You're a real courageous woman and I support you 100%!' [We spoke] via email, of course: she's a little tough to get ahold of lately, as you can imagine! We was in contact from June until August, and we haven't talked until today, via email, about this very interview!"

Daniels tells Loudwire that this was the fifth music video that she's directed, and she discussed the differences between videos and films. "You have to handle the musicians more carefully," she says. "When I direct actors, they are hired to bring my vision to life. When directing musicians, I am hired to bring their vision to life, and that must be respected. People are very protective and sensitive of their art, and understandably so."

Granny says that the door is open to collaborating more in the future: "We already talked about doing that, for a song called "Nitro Sexy," it's about speed and sex! There's no philosophical meaning behind it, it's just a badass rock tune! Stormy had some locations picked out in the desert. If things calm down for her and she wants to do that for us, I'd be honored, again, to work with her."

In the meantime, Granny 4 Barrel will be on the road as part of the Year of the Bull tour, along with Texas Hippie Coalition, Kobra And The Lotus and Brand of Julez. Get the dates here.

Behind the Scenes of Granny 4 Barrel "She Likes Guns" Video Shoot

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