By all accounts, Saturday was a day for Sparty in Lansing. Michigan State pretty well handled Western Michigan at Spartan Stadium, winning 35-13.

But for twin sisters, Sydney and Samantha Estes, Saturday was less bout the game, and more about a once-in-a-lifetime moment that they could share on the field.

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Samantha and Sydney are identical twins from Dewitt, MI, and members of the opposing schools' marching bands. Both are in their fifth year at their respective schools - Sydney at Michigan State, and Samantha at Western. This semester is Sydney's final run in Lansing, and she knew Saturday's opportunity would be her last, and only chance, to see her sister in person at a game.

"This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity because I'll be graduating in December... and I knew we weren't going to get another opportunity to meet on the field in uniform."

Both girls were very close in school, and Samantha said their first year apart in college was the hardest, but helped them grow even closer when they would see each other during breaks.

She and her sister have played in band since the sixth grade, starting on other instruments. But, with almost no percussion experience, they tried out for the high school percussion section and made it in. Sydney took to the cymbals, and Samantha played bass drum.

"(Sydney) was obsessed with the Michigan State drumline even back in high school. She eventually tried out for bass, but got put on cymbals and has been paying them for 4 years now."

Sydney has been playing with MSU her entire time in college Samantha, however, took a different approach.

"I went to Western wanting the full college experience that included tailgating and going to the football games without being in the band. After watching Sydney perform every year, I started to miss drumline. I tried out this year (my 5th year of college) for bass and ended up on cymbals."

That put both of them on the same instrument, in their respective school's marching bands just in time for this past week's game in Lansing against each other. So when the game was over, Sydney and Samantha seized the opportunity.

"When I was able to find time to meet up with (Samantha) after the game, it was super exciting and I was looking forward to talking with her all day."

The two met, in uniform, still holding their cymbals, for a photo they thought might never happen. The last time the two teams met on the field - 2019 - Samantha was not a member of the Bronco Band yet.

"This is Samantha's first year with the Bronco Marching Band and we were both super excited when we found out we were playing each other."

The Broncos may have taken the "L" on the scoreboard, but for Samantha and Sydney, it was a win for both sides.

"It is Sydney's last year at MSU and her last year in band which made the picture even more important to us. Such an honor to play with my sister and perform on Michigan State's field for our very first game of the season. Go Green, and Go Broncos!"

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