Wow, West Michigan, you really love your bartenders. After receiving nearly 2,700 nominations, we narrowed all of them down to the top twenty and put them up for a vote.

We received over 147,000 votes and the top two bartenders were back and forth for the entire voting period, but in the end, one person came out victorious.

So... without further adieu... Congratulations to West Michigan's Favorite Bartender for 2019:

Missy Prill from Playstation Pub!

Those who nominated Missy had great things to say about her including,

She always has a smile on her face and remembers everyone who comes in even if they've only been there a couple times.

She's an overall humanitarian and gives quality service, patience, smiles, and great customer service.


Great service, makes you feel at home and super comfortable.

We'd be remiss if we didn't congratulate our second place winner, since she and Missy were battling so hard throughout the entire contest. Congratulations to Kendrah VanDyken from Uccello's in Standale who came in a very close second place. (Sorry we had your name spelled wrong the entire time.)

Congratulations again to everyone who was nominated!

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