If you attended the Upheaval Festival back in July at Belknap Park in Grand Rapids, you may be in the new Rob Zombie video for "Shadow of the Cemetery Man."

One of the true highlights of the Upheaval weekend happened on Saturday night, July 17, when Rob Zombie hit the stage.

Zombie and the rest of his band put on an electric set that rocked, was fun to watch and Rob's banter between songs is always highly entertaining.

If you have not seen Rob Zombie live, the band wears costumes, the lighting is insane, the video screens are movie amazing, plus their are stage props, actors in monster costumes and even guitars with lights on them. Heck at one point, guitarist John 5's teeth were lit up with his Joker-like smile.

About three quarters through the show, Zombie said to the crowd, "do you want to be in a video?" Of course the crowd went nuts but that wasn't enough for Rob, he wanted the place to go ape s$%t crazy, and West Michigan stood up to the challenge.

What the crowd didn't know, was there was actually a video team that were filming the whole show to gather clips to use for a new video. When you see the video there are a few clips from another venue, maybe two, but the bulk of the video was shot at Belknap Park and there is a good chance you might see yourself in the video. There are a ton of crowd shots.

Below is the video of Rob Zombie's new song "Shadow of the Cemetery Man." Be prepared to pause and look for your smiling face:

Below are some photos taken from Rob Zombies performance at Upheaval.

Rob Zombie Performing At Upheaval

Rob Zombie was the headliner for day 2 of the Upheaval Festival that was July 16 & 17, 2021 at Belknap Park located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Rob Zombie performed a blistering set and as you can see from the photos below, his show is quite the visual experience.

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