It’s summer time, which means staying up late is kind of a thing to do, and if you’re interested in exploring creepy legends, then finding the Ada Witch may be a reason to get your group together and go explore.

So the story, according to is that near the Findlay Cemetery in Ada, a ghostly lady in white roams the roads around the graveyard. Legend has it she’s the Ada Witch.

Now, if that scares you, don’t let it.  There’s not a lot of fact, none actually about her being a witch or even what her name is, so the fact that legend calls her a witch is a bit misleading. does tell the story of a lady who would sneak into the cemetery to meet her secret lover and one night her husband pulled the ol’ “I’m asleep until you leave, then I’m going to follow you”   act and caught the lovers by surprise.  The story goes, the men fought to their death, yep they both died, and then she killed herself.  Or maybe she didn’t, that’s where the story unravels.

There are stories of people seeing a lady in a blue-ish, white dress sitting in the middle of the road, and of hunters feeling a strange presence or hearing what they thought was a fight, which could be the two guys duking it out.

Quick note, if you do plan to go out and search for the Ada Witch, be respectful. I read where a few people weren’t and destroyed a bit of the tombs… also it’s illegal to be in the cemetery after it closes.  It’s called trespassing, so don’t do that.  But along the roads, it’s said you might see a ghostly lady doing her thing.

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